Faceslapping femdom

Your face will hurt!

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When they give their slave an order, they want it to be done and done correctly. When he doesn't do it, they show him the error of his ways. They put him on his knees with the punishment mask on. They take turns slapping him and telling him how worthless he is. They don't want him to think he will get away with it. They want him to know that he is only their pathetic slave.

Hilda really knows how to use her hands! She has tied up the fat and ugly guy on the chair and he is completely defenseless! Then she starts to slap his face with her hands. It looks very cruel and she hurts him badly but she won't stop now... instead she starts to also kick him! And she wants to further improve the punishment so she puts her stocking over his eyes. Now he cannot see what will happen next... But the pain will tell him soon...!

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