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Your face will hurt!

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Mistress BlackDiamond and her equally hot brunette friend punish this slave like he was their whipping boy. He crawls to each of them to take his beating and that is exactly what he gets. They continue faceslapping him so they can watch him grovel at their feet and beg for more slapping from their sexy hands. He would take any punishment to be close to these super hot brunette goddesses.

Beautiful blonde Yasemin has been waiting for you. She has pent up all her rage from daily stresses and she wants to take it out on you with a brutal faceslapping. There is no need to beg you pathetic loser. Yasemin will give you the cruel punishment you deserve and your face will be red from the wrath of her sexy hands. She knows she is cruel and she is fine with it.

Mistress Mara is a hot girl with an awesome body! She has nice tits and long legs. But she also has two sexy hands! And those hands are her most cruel tools - she uses them to slap the face of her slave! She orders him to kiss her shoes and to stay on his knees to show her respect. But it seems that she wants to continue slapping him - and the smile in her face shows how much fun she has...!

The slave has no chance to escape! He is trapped with two hot but very sadistic girls in this small room. The room has a black cushion ground - but that's the only friendly thing in there! The two girls Eileen and Sibilla want to start to slap him in his face! He has to take slaps with both hands from both girls! And that is just the beginning - the girls have some other ideas too...!

Do you love sexy hands? Then you have to watch this video! Sadistic Goddess Gloria has put Maskjoe in cellophane foil like a mummy. He cannot escape now! So he is completely defenseless and has to take whatever his mistress wants to do with him. She sits down on his chest and puts her hands near his face - and then she starts to slap him! Again and again! Poor Maskjoe... But Gloria has a lot of fun doing so!

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