Faceslapping femdom

Your face will hurt!

Are you healthy again? Or do you still have to suffer because of the hard whipping you received last time from Lady Theresa? Do you know...? It doesn't matter! You will get your new punishment! Your face still seems to be vital enough and needs some treatment too! She takes on her red leather gloves and starts to hit you in your ugly face! With the one hand and with the other too! She continues until she believes that something important has changed and that you look "better" know...!

This little rat! He really believes that he can tell me that he forgot to bring me the new Honour catalog and get away with it...!? I don't believe him that he really forgot it! I'm sure that he has done it on purpose! But it doesn't matter... The one or the other way I'm going to punish him! He will have to take a lot of face slaps! I'm sure next time he will bring me what I want...!

Saphira is the new chief! And she is willing to make this clear! When she enters the store she realizes that this lazy bastard sleeps at work! But this will change soon... She will let him suffer! She will slap his face and kick him as hard as she can! She believes that cruel, brutal methods are a better way than talking to teach him something. If the huge amount of face slaps will change his kind of thinking...? Find it out!

What do you believe? Do you think I am lucky with 250 Euro? Never! I always need more cash! So you won't make me happy ever! But anyway try it harder! You have no more money now? Do you believe that it interests me? You are so funny! I believe I have to hit you in your face! I will slap your face until you will understand that I deserve more money, bitch!

Andy is a very professional employee and he has a lot of experience and he heard that Silesia and Athena are looking for someone to help them in the office. He is totally turned on because the two sexy girls already confused his mind. But after some minutes he has to realize that the girls don't like his work! She tell him that he is just a loser and that they cannot need him. There is only one other thing he can do: Clean her shoes with his tongue and offer his face to be slapped...

We told Iveta that your face wasn't slapped for a long time - and she happily offered to change it! She LOVES to slap the face of stupid losers! She is a cruel and sadistic lady so she has a lot of fun doing so. But she is also a hot and awesome goddess! It looks like she is a amazon - powerful and beautiful too! But you have no time to think about something like that because Iveta starts to hit your face with her sexy hands...!

These two blonde girls are fucking hot! Saphira and Jenny are two sexy brat girls who like to play dominant games with their slaves. This slave has to take a lot of brutal face punching and slapping. This way she have a lot of fun and take care of the useless piece of shit on the ground. They are happy and relaxed - but the slave is stressed and hopes that this bad treatment stop soon...!

It is a nice and warm day. Mistress Alyae and her slave went to a friendly place in the woods near the coast. But Mistress Alyae doesn't stay friendly because her slaves makes her angry! So she starts to slap him with her feet! This seems to be not enough so she also uses her high heels to hit him even harder. For the slave it is very painful - but she has a lot of fun and enjoys the nice weather!

This slave is really a useless pig! And he looks so funny with his pink collar on his neck. You can only laugh about such a pathetic loser! Or there is one other thing Miss Annalieza has in mind: Slap and punch him as long as she wants! He has to knee in front of her and present her his face. Then she slaps at his cheeks again and again!

Mistress Mara is a hot girl with an awesome body! She has nice tits and long legs. But she also has two sexy hands! And those hands are her most cruel tools - she uses them to slap the face of her slave! She orders him to kiss her shoes and to stay on his knees to show her respect. But it seems that she wants to continue slapping him - and the smile in her face shows how much fun she has...!

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