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Your face will hurt!

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This sexy Thai girl in lingerie shows this loser slave what real faceslapping is. She uses all her strength to ring his ears and turn his face red with repeated and brutal slaps to his loser face. He is helpless and on his knees to take her punishment like a good slave. It is painful, but he comes back again and again to take his beating because he loves the abuse.

Beautiful blonde Yasemin has been waiting for you. She has pent up all her rage from daily stresses and she wants to take it out on you with a brutal faceslapping. There is no need to beg you pathetic loser. Yasemin will give you the cruel punishment you deserve and your face will be red from the wrath of her sexy hands. She knows she is cruel and she is fine with it.

Three hot sluts in tight black outfits show their domination over this loser slave by making him take their brutal punishment. He is helpless on his knees as these three cruel mistresses slap him repeatedly. They stand over him in complete domination and show him how painful it is to be a slave to three sadistic and hot girls who love to torture men. The humiliation of slaves is what makes them happy.

Mistress BlackDiamond and her two friends punish a slave who dares to argue with them. The moment he raises his voice they restrain him and tie him to the wall so they can take turns brutally faceslapping him over and over. These sadistic maidens show no mercy as they dish out the punishment to this loser slave. He won't be messing with these girls any more or he is going to get worse.

Hilda really knows how to use her hands! She has tied up the fat and ugly guy on the chair and he is completely defenseless! Then she starts to slap his face with her hands. It looks very cruel and she hurts him badly but she won't stop now... instead she starts to also kick him! And she wants to further improve the punishment so she puts her stocking over his eyes. Now he cannot see what will happen next... But the pain will tell him soon...!

Saphira is the new chief! And she is willing to make this clear! When she enters the store she realizes that this lazy bastard sleeps at work! But this will change soon... She will let him suffer! She will slap his face and kick him as hard as she can! She believes that cruel, brutal methods are a better way than talking to teach him something. If the huge amount of face slaps will change his kind of thinking...? Find it out!

These two blonde girls are fucking hot! Saphira and Jenny are two sexy brat girls who like to play dominant games with their slaves. This slave has to take a lot of brutal face punching and slapping. This way she have a lot of fun and take care of the useless piece of shit on the ground. They are happy and relaxed - but the slave is stressed and hopes that this bad treatment stop soon...!

Mistress Isha can become very angry! In this clip you can see a very high level of intensity and brutality of her. She starts with powerfull kicks all over the body of her slave. Then she seems to focus on his head. She continues to slap and punch him while becoming even more hysteric! It seems like she lost control! There can be only one reason for this behavior: She wants to know him out...!

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